Disquiet Beauty, a chat with Zara

We were very lucky today to have a captivating talk from Zara Carpenter, Artist and Co-Curator of “Disquiet Beauty”, an exhibition at Rochester Art Gallery. “Disquiet Beauty” includes the work of five artists – Kate MccGwire, Tessa Farmer, Zara Carpenter, Kerry Howley and Cormac McManigan. Zara discussed the artists and their artworks, including her own sculpture “Persephone”.

Thank you Rikard Österlund for all the photos, shown here and shared at Zara’s talk. It was extremely useful to have enlarged detailed shots of the exquisitely intricate pieces and with magnifying glasses and torches this helped make the art more accessible for the varying levels of eyesight in our group. Thanks also to Jane of Fieldstaff Antiques for the loan of the magnifiers. 

I was really happy to find this link Creatabot shared of the BBC South East News’ visit to “Disquiet Beauty” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT_rYbyRGFA

Thank you Zara for talking with us, arranging for the photos and magnifiers. You know our group so well. It was great to hear about your own intriguing work and how the exhibition came to be. Also to hear your own personal tales about pigeon racing, you know so much!

DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-4010 DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-3896 DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-4017 DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-4124 DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-4143 DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-4129 DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-4112 DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-4085 DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-3991 DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-3940-2 DisquietBeauty-Nov2014-3960

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