KAB Medway; Painting with Peter, talking with Daniel

We were joined by artist Peter Reeds and also by Daniel Nash from BRFM Radio 95.6fm. Peter drew out the artist in everyone, encouraging us to use our hands as well as brushes – “you never know you might like it”, he said. “Banish the brush, just for a while”. It worked Peter, you have a lovely way of drawing the adventure out.

It was Rebecca Gazey’s last day at the museum and we thank you again so very much Rebecca for inviting us to work here at the museum. We hope to see you at our opening exhibition event in May – you need to see our results!

Daniel joined us and spent some time interviewing myself, Barbara, Angie, Helen and Chris. You can listen via direct links to Daniel’s interview on You Tube https://youtu.be/JzSyhYwwRzQ or as a podcast http://dpn.me.uk/danielmn/

Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6669 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6671 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6673 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6677 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6679 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6682 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6711 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6717 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6724 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6733 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6741 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6742 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6745 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6770 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6789 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6809Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6822 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6825 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6702 Gary-Weston-KAB-WendyDaws-6704

To see Peter Reed’s art please follow this link http://www.peterreedsartist.com

You can listen to Daniel Nash’s radio interview via the following links:

Direct links you tube https://youtu.be/JzSyhYwwRzQ

Or on my blog as a podcast http://dpn.me.uk/danielmn/

On iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/daniel-monday-night-community/id590384626

Podcast http://danielmonday.buzzsprout.com/

Photography by Spaghetti Weston http://www.spaghettiweston.com

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