‘Through Our Eyes’ our celebration with the Royal Engineers Museum

A big thank you to everyone who joined our celebration of ‘Through Our Eyes’ at the Royal Engineers Museum on Wednesday 6th May. What a great turnout and truly lovely to share our exhibition with so many friends and family – you could feel the joy! We hope you look after your thumb print mementoes – who knows whose thumb is now in your care.

The fantastic team at the Royal Engineers Museum, as always, looked after us with drinks, nibbles and speeches and had the great idea of  an auction of the art at the end of exhibition. So a date for your diary – Friday 10th July – details to follow!

As Colette, one of our wonderful KAB volunteers said, “I thought Wednesday was a great success, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and there was a lovely happy atmosphere. The paintings looked great, lovely to see them all beautifully exhibited. Made a change from seeing them actually worked on. They looked very impressive. Am sure you were equally pleased and you deserve it”. Thanks Colette.

And lovely Ray, one of our talented KAB artists, “CONGRATULATIONS. What a wonderful exhibition and what a wonderful turnout. I am sure you were well pleased, even chuffed by it all. An excellent night. Thank you”. Cheers Ray.

For more great photos of the evening follow the flickr link to the ‘Through Our Eyes’ album https://www.flickr.com/

Here are just a few of the great photos taken by Spaghetti Weston

 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7395 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7348 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7352 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7418 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7354 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7468 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7474  Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7490 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7496 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7436 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7461 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7446 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7457 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7445 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7482 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7487 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7503 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7515Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7459 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7359 Gary-Weston-Wendy-Daws-KAB-7498

For all the evening’s photos and the artworks please follow the flickr link to the ‘Through Our Eyes’ album https://www.flickr.com/photos/54353441@N04/sets/72157650234964994

Photography by Spaghetti Weston

You can still vote for the Kent Association for the Blind Medway Art Group in the Epic Awards 2015, People’s Choice Award http://shortlist.epicawards.co.uk

We are currently 5th in place. Voting closes on Monday 18th May 5pm.

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