KAB Gravesend; Sunflowers & Living Paintings Trust

Each week I’d say “Bring me a memory, a photograph of a favourite moment, something that’s special and dear to you.”

“What do you mean Wendy?”

“Well”, I’d say, “perhaps its a snapshot of that favourite family holiday in Mevagissey, eating fish and chips on the harbour wall. Perhaps and maybe, bring me a memory. Please.”

And then there were Sunflowers.

One of the group has a painting of Sunflowers, painted by her mother. Its very precious and brings back fond memories. We agree that Sunflowers can bring a smile and we can feel the warmth of summer sun. The Sunflowers take over any thoughts of self portraits. I got in touch with the Living Paintings Trust, a charity that provides a free postal library service of specially adapted Touch to See audio tactile books for blind and partially sighted children and adults.

After a brilliant and enlightening conversation with Maria Storesund, the Touch to See Book Club Programme Manager, we borrowed 10 tactile ‘touch to see’ impressions of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Accompanied by their audio description, this session was brought to life with everyone discovering new ways to explore and create their own versions of Sunflowers. One of the group, not keen to put marks on paper, was in her element. Feeling the Sunflower impression with her left hand, she allowed her right hand to follow the same lines, drawing what she could feel, filling an A2 size paper. A brilliant break through. Thank you Living Paintings Trust for joining us and letting me capture Maria’s hand squeeze. Another one for Cinderella.

TOTALLY_TOUCHABLE-9140 TOTALLY_TOUCHABLE-9139 TOTALLY_TOUCHABLE-9214 TOTALLY_TOUCHABLE-9164KAB Gravesend Totally Touchable Wendy Daws - 30 TOTALLY_TOUCHABLE-9169TOTALLY_TOUCHABLE-9160 TOTALLY_TOUCHABLE-9142 TOTALLY_TOUCHABLE-9173 Touch to See book of David Walliams The Slightly Annoying Elephant' KAB Gravesend Totally Touchable Wendy Daws. Braille reading of David Walliams The Slightly Annoying Elephant'Living Paintings Trust Touch to See ‘The Slightly Annoying Elephant’ by David Walliams

TOTALLY_TOUCHABLE-9174 TOTALLY_TOUCHABLE-9147 KAB Gravesend Totally Touchable Wendy Daws - 16KAB Gravesend Art Totally Touchable wk8 Wendy Daws - 09 KAB Gravesend Art Totally Touchable wk8 Wendy Daws - 12

Living Paintings was formed in 1989 by Alison Oldland MBE, formerly a lecturer in Art History, for more information on The Living Paintings Trust:


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