KAB Gravesend; Day 137 in the Diary Room …

We’re back in the studio to sculpt and film. I’ve emptied the shed, yes shed, for our Diary Room and there was just enough space in the studio for 11 of us, two guide dogs and a film maker. It was a day of breathing life into aluminium wire and plaster of paris fired by plenty of tea and, for a few of the group, a pub lunch. 

We’re being filmed Spaghetti Weston Productions, one of today’s missions was the Diary Room, “Who wants to go first?”. David was first up to share his thoughts whilst guide dog Scramble, after a quick hoovering of biscuit crumbs, sat patiently by the shed door. We got to grips with the Giacometti inspired sculptures. I had set concrete blocks as a base and starting point for the wire fix, the rest of the sculpting was in the hands of individuals. We’ve discussed self-portraits and after making the miniature wire figures at the Library, felt larger scale versions of ourselves was the next natural step.

The best thing about being in the studio is the freedom to create without worry of leaving a scene of devastation in a smart, hired community space. It allows for an authentic making experience, for us it was brilliant hands on mess.

We’re still asking the question, “How, if you’re blind, do you know where a QR code, or similar, is when you enter the gallery?”. I know we can upload information and audio to a website, that can be listened to with a smart phone.  Just how do you locate the code if you’re visiting the gallery independently? Answers on a postcard. We’re testing out a motion sensor and talking photo album next week. We’ll keep you posted. 


Photography by Spaghetti Weston Productions.

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