KAB Gravesend; ‘Totally Touchable’ our exhibition dates

We are pleased to announce the ‘Totally Touchable’ exhibition opens on 3rd November at the Blake Gallery and will be curated by Matt Bray. We’ll be resident at the gallery offering guided tours of our exhibition, inviting visitors to wear ‘simulated spectacles’ to view and handle the art through the eyes of those who created it. The aim is to make the exhibition as accessible as possible and raise awareness of living with sight impairments. Braille and printed guide books will be available, alongside the film and photo reel documenting the making of ‘Totally Touchable’.  We are eager to discuss ways in which art is viewed.  Thank you to the Guide Dogs Organisation for donating the ‘simspecs’.

We can’t wait to meet you, but right now it’s back to studio to finish the work. Fingers crossed it will all be ready!

PRESS RELEASE KAB Gravesend Totally Touchable 14th October


Meet the artists in the Blake Gallery on 6th, 9th, 13th, 16th and 20th November.

Free Family Arts Activities Saturday 14th November.

If you subscribe and follow this site, I apologise for the bombardment of my recent blog posts. All up to date now.

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